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Meet the Artist Cheryl Miller


Cheryl Miller has been collecting shells in Boca Grande for many years. She and her husband Bruce were reacquainted with the Island in 2002. They lived in Naples then but soon found themselves spending every possible spare moment on the island.

Cheryl collected over 10,000 shells in a ten-year period. She would clean them, categorize and store them, knowing that one day she would want to do something with them. One day Cheryl's daughter brought her a mirror and asked her to create something for her granddaughter with the shells she collected. That started a wonderful new passion and CD Hardy Originals was born. All the feelings she had of being on the beach in Boca Grande for years collecting shells came alive. She found herself. She was inspired.

Cheryl's Made to Inspire brick and motar store is closed, She is creating custom consignment work and may be contacted via phone or email.

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